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Time is a concept we all use every day to measure the passage of our days and lives without giving it much thought.

Physics inherently does not limit time to going forward only, or to only one dimension, but it is treated that way since we do not understand time any other way.  Could time have multidimensions, just like space has?   What would it mean to move in multidimensional time? 

This book on multidimensional time will explain new approaches to looking at time.  It will start out with unusual behaviors of matter with regards to time, discuss the current understanding of spacetime as three dimensions of space and scalar time and then introduce an expanded concept of time, that being, multidimensional time.  When multidimensional time is applied to Maxwell equations, a symmetry is restored by predicting a form of matter based on magnetic monopoles.  Out of this new insight into matter comes the concept of Electric Space and Magnetic Time.  Add in antimatter, and it points to Electric as well as Magnetic Photons . 

Finally, our place as conscious humans is proposed in this expanded concept of three-dimensional matter.  After reading this book you will never think of time in the same manner again.

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Concepts in Multidimensional Time

Robert Kersten


Multidimensional Time book   $14.95

Use ISBN 978-0-9915246-5-5

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