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Links to the youtube videos now available for Matrix of Time and Expanded Concepts in Time series:

For a quick overview of the 1st series, 'Matrix of Time' check out this short video:  


The Matrix of Time series consists of 8 videos.  Each video's link is shown below.

Links to Matrix of Time  videos on my youtube channel .


1.     Introduction to Time :

2.     Introduction to Space :

3.     Motion: Space divided by Time :

4.     It is all Relative :

5.     Quantum Theory and Matter :

6.    Quantum Reality and Time :

7.    Quantum Spin :

8.    Quantum Reality :

Links to the Expanded Concepts series as they become available on youtube. This is a continuation of the concepts presented in the Matrix of Time series

1.  Time - a Quantum of Change:

2.  An Extra Universe:

3.  Two Coupled Universes - Part 1:

4.  Two Coupled Universes - Part 2 :


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